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To enhance practice on teacher education courses

Virna Rossi

Associate Professor, Course Leader for the PGCert at Ravensbourne University London

Twitter: @VirnaRossi

Sharing good practice has always been very beneficial within the educational developers community. In October 2020 I set up an innovative way for developers to interact with each other digitally to discuss a variety of pedagogical practices on teacher education courses such as the PGCert/PGCap (in the UK). These informal but informative meetings are owned by the whole educational developer community. We get together and through posting and replying to ideas on a Padlet, we gather valuable resources, promote discussion and support each other's development.

Here is the list of the live Padlet links. You are welcome to browse and contribute your own ideas directly onto the Padlet itself by adding your own post. The live meeting is over, but the Padlet lingers on...

  1. Padlet on PGCert Assessment
  2. Padlet on PGCert E-portfolios
  3. Padlet on PGCert course set up
  4. Padlet on PGCert first live lesson
  5. Padlet on PGCert Resource lists
  6. Padlet on PGCert Observations
  7. Padlet on the PG Cert and the PSF 2023
  8. Padlet about using Padlet for teaching and learning
  9. Padlet Making PGCert courses (more) inclusive
  10. Padlet AI and the PGCert
  11. Padlet PGCert Redesign
  12. Padlet PGCert Evaluation
  13. Padlet International PGCert discussion
  14. Education for Sustainability and the PGCert

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