The EDTA Speakeasy

Join us for discussions that go beyond the expected!

Each Speakeasy features a provocative speaker, leading us on a discussion on a pertinent topic.

See links below to access recordings and related material for each Speakeasy

Speakeasy 1 - Students as Partners, Simon Varwell

Speakeasy 2 - Active Centred Learning through a Wu Wei Lens - Charlie Reis

Speakeasy 3 - Fake News and The Real Deal - Open Mic

Speakeasy 4 - Online learning spaces and troubled and troubling spaces for educators - Louise Drumm

Speakeasy 5 - Threshold Concepts in the Context of Curriculum Design - Virna Rossi

Speakeasy 6 - Insights from the Outside - Alessandra Di Simone and Aleks Golijanin

Speakeasy 7 - Please Stop Teaching - David Baume

Speakeasy 8 - Sorry, Not Sorry - Catriona Cunningham

The IN PERSON Speakeasy - Edinburgh April 25th, Birmingham April 29th, 2022

Speakeasy 9 - Grading, Ethics and Harm - Neil Currant, Liz Bunting and Vikki Hill

Beyond the Obvious - Edinburgh December 12th, 2022

Speakeasy 10 - In from the margins - Charlie Reis

Speakeasy 11 - To play or not to play - a degree is not meant to be fun! - Roger Saunders

Speakeasy 12 - How and why trust matters in academic development

Speakeasy 13 - AI - Our new enemy or the Chance to learn? - Celia Popovic

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